The Secret of Self Employment That Your Employer Doesn’t Want You to Know

What actually separates the wealthy and the not so wealthy people is how they work. While the wealthy work smart the rest work hard. It is the nature of the work you do that will determine whether you will attain financial freedom or not. How we work and why we work shape our destiny.We spend many hours each day working but only a few of us have something to show for it. Take a good example of our work places, the people who work the most are the once who are paid the least, but as you go up the management ladder, work reduces but income increases. Then one is left to wonder why this is the case, life can sometimes be very unfair.This is the reason I decide to quit employment and go into self employment. The idea of working many hours for someone else didn’t go down well with me. I got to a place where I asked myself, why can’t I also use other people’s resources to make money?Self employment is not easy; it takes time, focus and determination if you are to succeed. The one advantage of employing yourself is that you dictate your own terms and have leverage from employing others to work for you.Time is one resource if you have in plenty you can achieve a lot. By employing people you actually buy their time. No wonder the adage “time is money.” Look at it this way; if you have ten people working for you eight hours a day, it means in total you’ll have worked eighty hours plus your eight hours, now that is what I call leverage.