A Look at the Three Primary Web Video Styles

As of late, many companies and organizations that have expanded their marketing strategies to the internet have begun to take serious interest in the production of web videos. With the recent shift to web videos as a source of entertainment for many, promoters and businesses alike have begun to recognize the true value offered by web video marketing as a means of tapping into this flourishing market. With web videos quickly becoming a crucial aspect of any well-rounded marketing strategy, the competition has begun, with organizations striving to produce the highest quality videos that will be able to top search engine rankings, draw in a vast number of viewers, and translate those views into sales. However, before a video can go into production a decision must first be made about what type of video is going to be used. The three primary video styles are viral videos, conversion videos, and tutorial/educational videos.

The recent growth of YouTube – which now clocks in over four billion video views daily – along with the current boom in social media networking, has brought about the birth of viral videos. It has become one of the ultimate goals of almost all web videos to achieve viral status. This, however, is difficult as there is no strict formula or standard by which to determine a video’s likelihood of going viral. The two most defining factors that can be seen in most viral videos are originality and a tendency towards humor, while the content or subject matter remain as varied and far reaching as it is possible to be.

Companies attempting to use viral videos should begin by uploading and sharing their videos through various video hosting and social media sites to initiate the spread. Some companies claim to be able to bolster the chances of videos reaching viral status through the use of analytical technologies that help identify the ideal placement and distribution of a video to reach the right audience. However, whatever methods may be used to push for viral status, in the end there is still a degree of luck involved. Also, you should always keep that the number of achieved is not the ultimate goal of your videos, rather than the number of sales leads that are generated by these views.

As opposed to the happenchance methods of viral videos, conversion videos are a far more reliable, and work most effectively when embedded in the front page of an organization’s website. Properly executed, conversion videos snare the audience’s attention right away and works in various roles. Conversion videos can be used to inform the viewer of the company’s products and services, let them know of any current deals and offers, and function as a spokesperson and guide to help the visitor navigate the site. Therefore, for a conversion video to work effectively it must contain a clear call to action and be persuasive in its message, in order to convert visitors into customers. Another benefit of the conversion video is that its level of success is easily measurable by comparing your number of visitors to sales.

Tutorial and educational videos are also important options to take into consideration when developing your video marketing campaign. These types of videos are best used to illustrate the products and services being offered by the company, and are therefore most ideally placed within the company’s website.

The Secret of Self Employment That Your Employer Doesn’t Want You to Know

What actually separates the wealthy and the not so wealthy people is how they work. While the wealthy work smart the rest work hard. It is the nature of the work you do that will determine whether you will attain financial freedom or not. How we work and why we work shape our destiny.We spend many hours each day working but only a few of us have something to show for it. Take a good example of our work places, the people who work the most are the once who are paid the least, but as you go up the management ladder, work reduces but income increases. Then one is left to wonder why this is the case, life can sometimes be very unfair.This is the reason I decide to quit employment and go into self employment. The idea of working many hours for someone else didn’t go down well with me. I got to a place where I asked myself, why can’t I also use other people’s resources to make money?Self employment is not easy; it takes time, focus and determination if you are to succeed. The one advantage of employing yourself is that you dictate your own terms and have leverage from employing others to work for you.Time is one resource if you have in plenty you can achieve a lot. By employing people you actually buy their time. No wonder the adage “time is money.” Look at it this way; if you have ten people working for you eight hours a day, it means in total you’ll have worked eighty hours plus your eight hours, now that is what I call leverage.

Online Marketing and the Health and Fitness Industry

Keeping fit is very important for individuals not only to feel and look better but also to beat illness and sickness as they age. The health and fitness industry has seen steady growth in recent years with numerous fitness centers mushrooming everywhere. This industry could not avoid the Internet and most fitness professionals discovered new tools to promote their facilities online plus they even created products specifically for their online audience. They embrace online marketing within their growth strategy.Many are those fitness professionals who get lost when it comes to marketing and even more in online marketing. They are excellent in their training techniques but when it comes to online marketing, they simply freeze and do not know from where to start. First of all they have to focus on their objectives and on what they can create to differentiate of competition. Once these objectives are established, they have to be communicated to the potential clients. Many forget that the Internet provides them an international presence.One can target only their preferred locality. However I always recommend going beyond the local perimeter. If you have a good product that can make you more money, why limit it only to your locality? This is the beauty on the Internet. With a good online marketing strategy you can reach million of potential customers online. In fact, many were those who once they realized their online potential, they got into another world and could not stop creating products and enjoyed every second of their success.Online success must also be monitored with great caution. I’ve seen many in this industry that passed on the wrong message and actually ended up scaring customers away. There were many who claimed that their fitness routine is the only way to get fit and criticized competition. Now it might be the case that one has the best routine but this is a heavy statement. First I see is disrespectful to other industry professionals and secondly new techniques are discovered daily and hence such statement can only harm your image.The Internet provides endless information to your customers and they know how to decide. They can make you or break you. Humility is also an online virtue. Profits should not come before people. Profits will come in due time. Add value to your product and money will eventually come. It should be about helping people and adding value to their lives and not taking from them. It should be about having fun and enjoying life.So when you are drafting your online marketing strategy, always keep your clients in your mind. The end result will be that you will be proud of and can always rely on an online business based on your values, your passion, your training philosophy and your brand. Never let anyone to try to convince you otherwise. The health and fitness industry is a delicate and lucrative industry and hence do not play with people’s lives.Online marketing gives you the opportunity to grow your business. Do it with passion and you will reap the results.I wish you a great day – you deserve it.Joseph Cale
Cale Mindset

Digital Photography Accessories For Beginners

If you’re new to digital photography and just picked up your first camera, you’re about to be confronted by an onslaught of choices! Those choices range from a couple of bucks to thousands of dollars, but can increase the quality of your photographs tenfold!The choices I’m talking about are digital photography accessories. And if you’re not careful, you can sink thousands of dollars into the hobby!The key is to have an idea of what kind of photography you’ll be shooting. For instance, portrait type shots have different requirements than landscape photos. Here are a couple tips to get you started!My favorite accessory decision is finding a new gear bag. Obviously, gear bags are supposed to be functional and offer protection for your camera body and lenses, but there are some that will seriously hold every gadget you could ever want! Those are the kinds I like.A simple camera bag with padding and a couple slots is going to cost you about $40. But the big gear bags I was talking about start at about $200!Another accessory you’re going to want to consider is a tripod. In fact, you need a tripod to do night photography. It’s a simple cheap addition, but it will really increase the quality of your pictures because you won’t be concentrating on steadying the camera, you’ll be focused on taking great pictures!SLR remotes are nice too. If you’ve never heard of them, it’s a little remote that you use to take pictures rather than squeezing the trigger. They’re beautiful things when you’re doing professional portrait work.The biggest thing though? Lenses.Having an assortment of lenses (and knowing how to use them) will single-handedly improve your digital images. Depending on the lens, you can take longer shots, do extreme close up work, or take wide-angle images.The important thing is to figure out what you’re going to be taking photos of, and then choosing your digital photography accessories with those thoughts in mind.

Renters Insurance – The Need For Purchasing This Kind of an Insurance Policy

Individuals owning their houses do not need to purchase an individual insurance policy to save their household items as these possessions come within the ambit of homeowner’s insurance policy. But if a person rents out his residence no such coverage is received for the possessions. In the unfortunate scenarios of theft or burglary you do not have any recourse. The landlord, the property-owner, or the rental agent is not responsible and the money needs to be shelled out from your pocket. Again natural calamities can occur at any stage of life, which can reduce the house to rubbles. Unfortunately, many people do not think of such scenarios unless the tragedy has happened with them. But if you as a renter / tenant insure your personal possessions, like any moveable items or furniture, by purchasing a renters insurance, you save yourself from a lot of hassles.Insurance needs to be done for only the objects that belong to you and not for any other fixed items present in the house which is owned by the landlord. For this reason the pricing of renters insurance is reasonable, and you can stay well within your budget. The insurance premium would provide coverage to the personal possessions which you have brought in to the house. Since these policies are normally quite affordable, one can obtain the policies conveniently from the insurance agents listed in the phone book, websites (for those who want to use the internet option), or yellow pages. You can also do a comparison of the rates on the internet. Generally the companies who sell insurance policies for homeowners also sell renters insurance, but the opposite might not be true.The task of comparing various rates becomes simpler and more accurate quotes can be got if a person is well prepared before contacting any agent for estimates. You must make a list of the items that are possessed by you and videos or snaps should also be taken for those. These would be handy evidence when you are filing for your renters insurance claim. It is better if the items are segregated according to their types, like furniture, electronics, misc. household items, etc. Make a note of every small detail, no matter however insignificant that might seem to you. There might be many things which you have kept in the garage, attic or basement and these objects often get overlooked.When you contact an insurance agent for receiving a quote for your policy, ensure that you ask about the various coverage plans offered by their company. Depending upon your region of stay, verify if coverage is provided for losses suffered due to events like tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, or earthquakes. If the answer is in the affirmative, ask whether any additional charges need to be borne along with the premium amount. Everything written is fine print should be explained and told to you. It needs to be remembered that premium amounts and extra charges for coverage differ substantially from one company to another and hence shopping for renters insurance is always suggested.

An Introduction to Automotive Credit Cards

Credit card rewards have been around for quite some time now and they are quite popular. There are many to choose from and one of the newest is automotive credit cards. These cards pair automotive manufacturers with a major credit card company. A person earns rewards towards the purchase of their next vehicle or other products from the manufacturer by using their automotive credit card.Each automotive credit card is different and their reward programs work differently. So if a person does not have their heart set on a particular manufacturer they are best to shop around. There are also cards that now have rewards that work for any manufacturer, which may be best for an indecisive person or someone who is not sure what make of vehicle they would like to buy. Some automotive credit cards do not offer rewards towards vehicle purchases, instead they offer rewards towards the purchase of auto parts and service.The most important thing for a person to remember about automotive credit cards is that person can not buy a car completely with reward points. The reward points are for a discount only. The discount usually ranges from $1000 to $3000. The vehicles a person can choose from vary as well. Each manufacturer chooses the particular models the rewards can be used towards purchasing. Used cars are usually not included as an eligible vehicle for the use of reward points and the cardholder is required to buy a vehicle that is new or leased.When choosing an automotive credit card a person really needs to understand the rewards system and how it can be redeemed. They should also not forget this is a credit card and look at fees and interest rates, as well. Choosing a high interest rate card may actually end up costing the person more then they end up saving on their vehicle purchase. It is also important for a person not to get carried away and charge items they normally would not just to earn he points or, again, they could end up spending more than they save.Automotive credit cards are great for someone who knows what vehicle they wish to purchase. They can then choose the card that suits this need. Automotive credit cards have a limit on how long points earned are good, so a person who does not use their credit card a lot may never see a good benefit. However, if a person is very careful and manages their automotive credit card they can end up saving a nice chunk of money off their next vehicle purchase.

Accelerated Learning and Webucation

Webucation is a relatively new word, coined from the combination of the words web and education. Many people have previously referred to any form of education via the web as e-education or education (eed u k’ shun), however, the new term webucation just might catch on. Regardless of what you call it, accelerated learning and continuing education via the scope of the internet makes good sense for a great many people.Why the need? People are finally starting to realize that their high school education or even 4-year college degree is simply not sufficient anymore to prepare them for beneficial employment in the fast-changing world in which we live. Employers are looking for specific skills and the ability to quickly adapt to changes in the workplace. Those persons who can meet these employer needs are challenged with the opportunity to grow with their company through both existing and coming tumultuous times. Those who do not embrace change, new technology and employer needs will simply be left behind. The need for continuing education and learning faster has never been more relevant or important than it is right now.Obviously, the workplace in our economy is the motivator for the realization of these facts, but exactly who is actually driving this? It appears that it is the college-educated professional who is realizing her need for updated, improved or new skills relevant to their workplace experiences and requirements. Change is accelerating around us, creating both exciting opportunity and dire dread for many people. Those who embrace change and seek to fortify or improve upon their skill-sets through webucation will certainly experience less stress and greater fulfillment than those who simply watch as all of this change happens around them. The less-educated generally miss the fact that it is their lack of currently relevant, specific skills in a changing market than is hindering them.Accelerated learning, or learning for profit as I prefer to call it, is the skill most often lacking in both the college educated and lesser educated individuals. The books, programs, courses, CD’s and other educational materials are out there for the taking, or learning in this case. Those persons who have assessed their current position and future prospects for continued employability, will typically familiarize themselves with these learning resources and will often select one or more in an effort to improve their skills. What is missing from the equation is the speed at which they learn this new material. The faster you can learn a new skill and apply it to your profession, the quicker you will begin to improve your earnings and financial position. Learning faster then, is not an option, but mandatory in order to get ahead.All is not lost for persons without a college education, for there are many examples of highly intelligent people without degrees who are extremely successful. Do not, however, make the mistake of equating the lack of a formal degree with a lack of education. Most entrepreneurs have a great deal of education, usually achieved through self-motivation, perseverance, tenacity and a sense of drive and ambition. They make it a point to become experts in their field of endeavor. These self-taught individuals have a real sense of urgency and insatiably seek out the knowledge needed for their success.Whether or not you have a college degree, a high school diploma or a self-education, the need for learning faster, that is, learning for profit, will become more evident as you proceed in life. Embrace webucation as an exciting concept and available resource that is growing quickly around you. There are no excuses for not learning. There are however, abundant means to get ahead, but you must act quickly and persevere in your education first.

Discover the Importance of the Forex Demo Account

The foreign exchange market today represents one of the greatest opportunities to build wealth no matter where you are in the world. The first thing you need to do to take part in the amazing world of currency exchange is to sign up with an online forex broker.Most of us know that most good brokers offer 3 kinds of live accounts:Forex Standard AccountThis is the account that most professional forex traders use. One lot in a forex standard account is worth 100,000 currency units. 1 pip in a forex standard account is worth about $10.Forex Mini AccountThis account is for traders who are starting out and do not have such deep pockets yet. One lot in a forex mini account is worth 10,000 currency units and 1 pip in a forex mini account is worth about $1.Forex Micro AccountThe great thing about online forex trading is that you don’t need a lot of capital to start off, unlike other investment vehicles such as trading the stock market. In fact, with a forex micro account, nearly anybody can participate in online forex trading. One lot in a forex micro account is worth 1,000 currency units and 1 pip here is worth about $0.10. How great is that?But do you know that there is another type of account that you should never ignore?If you look carefully, most good online forex brokers include a forex demo account that can be signed up for free. The demo account mimics the interface of the standard account completely, and even gives you real world and real time currency quotes and economic news.Why then should anyone sign up for a forex demo account since it’s not live?Well, before you can rushing into trading live, you need to familiarize yourself with the online forex trading platform. Afterall, you don’t want to panic and wonder where the sell button is when thousands of dollars are at stake.Secondly, you don’t want to test your strategies using real money. That’s a waste of money when the demo account is available for you to test and fine tune your strategy until your hearts content.And finally, trading might be easy. But not many people can deal with the psychological stress of placing and executing buy and sell orders. By signing up for a forex demo account and playing around with play trading, you’ll be able to find out if online forex trading is a suitable option for you.

Small Business Accountants – What Are the Benefits of Accountants to Your Business?

Finding the right accountant can be the most important part of your business success, apart from the marketing and business management. The accountants can make the different of your business success. The benefits of choosing the right accountants are:Convenience:
You need to choose an accountant near you, in order to save time and money through travelling cut. Or the accountant can communicate with you through e-mail, mail, fax or phone. You can still save time if your accountants accept your paper work through email, fax or mail. This way you do not need to book an appointment or travel to your accountant office.Cost cutting:
If your accountant is offering you a discount on market rate then you are making a serious saving. This way you’re already saving money where you can invest into your business.Accuracy:
Good accountants are always accurate in their work, so let the accountants handle your work. Usually a good firm will check your accounting work before submitting your tax return including your balance sheet, P & L statement.Services variety:
Small business accountants must offer all services including bookkeeping services, payroll and PAYG small business tax return, small business tax advice, small business planing and small business financial advise.Business development:
An accountants can advise you on how you develop your business by analysing your financial situation and recommending how much you can spend on advertising, inventory, rent, employee salaries, and how to balance between company profits and business expenses.Tax return:
The most important part of accountants work is tax return. The good accountant will work with clients in order to maximise tax benefits and explore saving opportunities. The accountants can help the client understand how the tax law is applied to the business. The accountants can explore options and recommend the best option.
Finally I say small business accountants, are very important, as entire business finance is depending on the accountant.

WoW Security Using the WoW Account Authenticator

Many people are wondering if the WoW account authenticator is really doing the trick of keeping their WoW accounts secure. The problem with the WoW account authenticator is that it can in fact be hacked. There is really no sure fire way to protect your WoW security for good. There are only steps you can take which will make hacking your account near impossible.If you don’t know anything about internet security then you probably know even less about WoW security. The main problem with WoW account security is the fact that hackers are trying harder then ever to hack accounts. The reason there is such a vicious attacking on WoW accounts recently is because the money to be gained by hacking just one account is vary good.While taking standard precautions for protecting your computer against hackers is going to lesson your chances have compromising your WoW security, it is simply not enough. Everyday hackers are coming up with more and more ways to hack accounts. This means that WoW players need to stay on their toes. Finding out the way hackers are hacking accounts is only part of the first steps in keeping your WoW security.Searching the internet for recent WoW account hacks will help. Read up on these as much as possible as they change daily. You will then want to know exactly how the attack can be countered. Most of the time hackers are using tricks to get people to download keyloggers. If you simply avoid downloading suspicious files to your computer you will be one step closer in keeping your WoW account safe.Most WoW players know about current attacks just by playing the game and interacting with other people who may have had their account hacked. Knowing about the new hacks is simply not enough now days it seems. You should look into learning more about computer and internet security to be double sure your account is safe.As of right now Blizzard Entertainment is putting a plan into action which will no longer make it possible for victims of hacked accounts to retrieve their items. This is vary scary as many cautious people have been hacked in the past. How awful would it be to have your account hacked, all of your Icecrown Citadel gear sold to a vendor, and then Blizzard simply offers you 2,500g and a few frost emblems for your trouble?